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The Power 
of Great Product Management

Our no nonsense, Get Shit Done approach to Product Management and Go-to-Market  delivers the mindsets, skillsets and culture your technology business needs to create incredible customer value, rock product delivery, and build high performing teams.


We train, and then coach and mentor your team to make them more effective and outcome driven and create outsize impact for both customers and your business,

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Product Leadership with Rich Mironov

Co-hosting a course for VPs, CPOs, Directors of Product, and others leading teams of product managers in February & March.


We wanted to give our newly created product owners the skills and mindsets that would help them be more customer and market led, improve our development processes, and deliver innovative and valuable solutions, and Ashley and Tas's training and coaching has been instrumental in this.

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Take Your Products and Business to
the Next Level

Training and Coaching 

We offer half-day deep-dives into specific areas for product teams who want to build on their existing foundational skillsets. 


Popular topics are:

  • Working with Agile Product Teams

  • Product Metrics 

  • Stakeholders, Communication and  Roadmaps

  • Masters of Go-to-Market strategies

  • Launch planning with sales & marketing teams 

  • Pricing for success

  • Persona development 

Multi-week Bespoke Corporate Training

We specialise in customised multi-week programs to upskill your product teams and deliver the results that you need for your organization. Choose from a menu of topics from strategy to agile delivery, tailored for immediate practical use, impact, and professional development.

Our most popular programs are:

Workshops and Consulting

We combine coaching with practical exercises, operationalisation workshops, and in situ hands-on training to help you tackle product issues in real time.

We have worked alongside our customers'  product teams to articulate product strategy, define UVP and GTM strategies, create product roadmaps, establish a community of practice, and define a product lifecycle process to support modern agile and product practices.

If there is a product or team in your business that feels 'stuck', or you want ongoing coaching, talk to us about the best approach.

Our training and coaching metrics


Years of Experience


500 +

Training Sessions
People we've trained and coached


We live, love, and breathe

Product Management 

Hi!  We are Ashley and Tas.

We've been delivering successful products, building better teams, and improving product practice for more than 20 years between us. 

Your team will benefit from the breadth, depth, and energy we bring to every engagement. Our customers say our training has immediate impact.  That's because we teach best practices mixed with hands on learning and robust discussion to make the most of everyone's experience. 

Ashley comes from a sales and marketing background and has worked for companies like Jade Software, Tableau and Mural, and is currently VP Product Marketing at LawVu.

Tas comes from a business analysis and agile background, and has worked with companies like Deloitte, Orion Health, and Xero and is currently Head of Product and Marketing at Flow Software.

Product management isn't just a job for us. We're firm believers that better product management lead to better outcomes for products, businesses, customers, and employees. Building good products - ethically, mindfully, and sustainably - has a flow on effect that makes a better world, and we want to play our part in making it happen.

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Let’s Work Together

Ash: +6421563421

Tas: +64212673269

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