Fundamentals of 
Product Management

Product managers are problem solvers, growth drivers, masters of execution, and leaders of the products and key practices that make a business successful.  

Whether you aim to be a product manager, want to become a better one, or are in a role where you have to act like one, this course is for you.  It's also great for teams who want to align on how to bring the voice of the customer and get the best product to market with just the right level of investment and a kick-ass plan to set you up for success.  

With plenty of time for hands-on practice and discussion, we'll cover:

  • Product Managers in the Organisation

  • Tasks, tools and techniques for each step of the journey, from discovery to delivery.

  • Roadmaps & Prioritization

  • Segmentation and opportunity analysis 

  • Customer research  and engagement 

  • User Journey and Value Mapping 

  • Go to Market and product launch

  • Measuring Success

  • Vision, Position, Messaging, and Product Market Fit

  • Agile, lean, and experimentation techniques to deliver great products with less investment

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Late April 2021

Late June 2021

Better User Stories.
Better Product Outcomes.

User Stories are the super heroes of agile or hybrid development practice, and great user stories are the key to building a product your customers will love, with high quality and on-time delivery.  

This course helps product owners, product managers and development leaders learn the why, what and how of great user stories,  The course is also great for whole teams who want to work better together, infuse their product with the voice of their customer, and take skills and delivery to the next level. 

A day of hands-on training, in-class exercises and valuable takeaways.

Agenda includes: 

  • The Why, What and How of User Stories 

  • Story Mapping 

  • Personas, Jobs to be Done and Customer Journeys to build context 

  • Evaluate Your Stories with INVEST 

  • Hands on practice with stories and acceptance criteria 

  • Takeaway tools

This course is $500 per person for the day.  Contact us for information on our team discount if you have 3+ people from your business who want to attend. 

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Product Owner Fundamentals

An Agile Product Owner is responsible for maximizing the value of the product resulting from the work of the Development Team. The specifics of the role can vary widely across organizations, Scrum Teams, and individuals, but it's always a critical role, and having solid training and the right tools in your toolkit are the keys to success. 

We offer this course as a multi-day public event and also a multi-week program for businesses looking to embed agile principals by empowering this critical role.  

This course covers: 

  • PO Overview 

  • Discovery and design thinking for POs

  • Personas

  • Stakholder management

  • PO in Scrum/Agile 

  • Story Mapping and User Stories 

  • Backlog Management and Prioritization

This course is $999 per person for the day.  Contact us for information about our team discount if 3+ people from your business want to attend.

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The "From BA to Agile PO" course pulls key elements of this training and adjusts them to help create a bridge between key BA skills and the PO role.